Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Abert Time

Todd Bertuzzi has four goals this season with the Detroit Red Wings. Two were scored in the past two games. One was a game-winner in a shoot out against St. Louis Saturday. The other was what I like to call a goal-scorer's goal. Bertuzzi caught Marty Turco out of position and slightly screened when he floated one up under the cross bar in Monday's game against Dallas.

This is some quality stuff from a guy who seemed to have lost his hands. When Mike Babcock decided to throw Bertuzzi out for a game-winning chance in Saturday's shootout, I knew he would score. I assume Babcock did too. Good coaches know the best way to get a guy out of a slump is to give him a chance to prove it. Bertuzzi needed to prove he had the heart. He couldn't miss. There is absolutely no reason why Bertuzzi can't be a 20 goal scorer again.

With Bert showing up on the score sheet, the Red Wings are that much better. As I mentioned before, it's not about the third and fourth line guys. Sure, it's great to see Drew Miller and Darren Helm produce some offense. However, if guys like Bertuzzi, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg don't show up every night, the team suffers in the long run. One can only expect so much from the so-called grinders.

Right now I'm looking at a potentially extremely dangerous Detroit offense. There are a few guys like Datsyuk, Bertuzzi and Helm who were very cold and have since switched to very hot. There is no reason - even with the injuries - this offense can't put up at least four goals each game. And the grinders are a bonus. Miller is absolutely fabulous out there. Ken Holland could not have expected anything better.

Detroit faces Edmonton Thursday. It really doesn't matter who this team plays. Honestly, forget about records, statistics and rivalries. Detroit must bring the same game to everyone.

I see pucks being thrown at the net, guys crushing defensemen in the corner and traffic in front. I called for it and the team answered. What more can I say?


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