Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joe Louis Arena

I would like to address the Joe Louis Arena situation quickly. I am certain I will have more to say about it in the coming months.

For starters: This sucks. The Red Wings are moving out of JLA, which is no surprise I guess. But what really stinks is the Ilitch's don't have a real home for them yet. I guess the plan is to move them to the Palace of Auburn Hills for a few years while a new arena is built downtown. It is unsettling to think of the Wings not being housed downtown.

Yeah, the Joe was never the ideal location for any Detroit team. It is far from the action of downtown. Moreover, the arena itself has been quite sub par since day one. They built that thing in like a week. It's really quite a strange, cheap building. However, it has a certain character to it. But I am not one of those people (like the Tiger Stadium crazies) who believes in keeping an old piece of garbage around just to, you know, keep it around - like most of Detroit I guess. But I'll miss it nonetheless.

Personally, I'm really interested in seeing an ideal building created for the Wings - based on both architecture and location. Because, in a city like Detroit, when it comes down to it, the professional sports are all about benefiting the city. Detroit finally started to grasp this concept about 10 years ago. It would be nice to see all four teams downtown. The Ilitch family has another great opportunity to rejuvenate the downtown.

I trust the Ilitch's have the right plan in mind. I'd like to think the family will make the correct decision for the benefit of the city. They need to put the Wings right by Comerica Park. I mean, it doesn't get much more obvious than that. It's a rumor which has been going around for a few years. I think everyone is becoming impatient. Plus, hearing the high chance the Wings will be in Auburn Hills for a few years is upsetting for any fan. But, if it means a great facility can be built in a fair amount of time, I guess I am for the temporary uprooting.

I hear Mike and Marian Ilitch actually hired (or partnered with, whatever) the guy who built the whole Palace complex, etc. I hope they are planning something great for downtown Detroit.

I know, I don't even live there, so who am I to have an opinion? I'm just concerned.

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