Friday, April 23, 2010

Phoenix, Detroit, Game 5

Statistically - other than wins - the Detroit Red Wings are winning this series. They have more goals, a better power play percentage, a better penalty kill percentage, a better goals against average and even a slightly better face-off percentage.

The series is tied at two games a piece - the only statistic which matters.

I was telling a friend how unfazed I am by the way this series is unfolding. Honestly, it is the calmest I have been all season. Nothing is surprising me.
I've watched this story before: The Red Wings pull an "upstart" - to quote a friend - team in the first round. This team steals some early games. The Red Wings maintain composure and tie the series up 2-2. What usually comes next is a Detroit victory in six. Now, the difference this year is the home ice advantage.

But seriously, this all seems very familiar. I'm not trying to take credit away from the Phoenix Coyotes. They are in this to win. They can still do it. However, Phoenix must realize the path they are going down with this experienced Detroit team. None of this is new for the Wings. They will not be shaken. They are a refined machine in situations like this - there is no denying it.

For the Coyotes, now comes the real test. Do they really understand what it takes to win a playoff series? I'm not talking about winning a couple playoff games. I am talking about winning a series. Huge difference.

Tonight, I expect to see a game similar to game 4. It will be close. Both teams will be giving a solid 60-minute effort. The goalies will be human walls. Overtime will not be surprising.

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  1. you are very surpisingly calm - which I happened to mention to your Dad a few days ago.