Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modano Stuff

I think is full of garbage. It seems the only place I read about Mike Modano's Minnesota Wild interest, or lack of it, is at Fox.

Anyway, the way I see it, he gave his word. He said Detroit or nothing. I am starting to lose faith in the guy. I'm not sure I even want this indecisive flip flopper on the roster - if these rumors are true.

Enough about Modano until something happens.


I am not over the 2009 Stanley Cup Final. I never will be. Thinking about it makes me sick. The other day, someone had to remind me of it. They were a Pittsburgh fan. I was upset.

The thing is, I can handle watching teams lose. I can handle seeing teams beaten. My teams. But there was something about the 2009 Cup series which will never sit well with me. Watching the Detroit Red Wings completely fold. Seeing the Penguins jump on the sliver of opportunity. It should not have happened.

The Red Wings roster needs to bounce back before they are too old. The current core group needs to erase 2009. This past season was absolutely not theirs to take. I must see some hope in the coming one.