Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Name That Old Red Wing: Episode 1

This is the first episode in a series of posts titled "Name That Old Red Wing."

I dug deep for this one. I wanted to start off on a strong, difficult note. So without further delay, name this old Red Wing:

He was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens back in the mid 80s. He had his best AHL season in 1987-88 with the Sherbrooke Canadiens, scoring 74 points - enough to get him a spot in Montreal's lineup the next season.

Four seasons of minimal playing time passed, yet relatively decent production, in Montreal before he landed in Edmonton, and then Minnesota soon after. Then, he joined Minnesota in their move to Dallas and four seasons later (1997) he was a Detroit Red Wing.

He suffered from a serious groin injury during most of his five seasons with Detroit - missing a lot of games and never really getting much attention.

Eventually, he was forced to retire in 2003 after a bout with the Nashville Predators.


  1. Not Darren McCarty. Sorry. Try again.