Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red Wing of the Week: Bob Errey

Bob Errey spent his best years - his prime - with the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1983 to 1993 before heading to Buffalo at the end of the '93 season. After helping the team win back-to-back Stanley Cups, Pittsburgh dumped him, more or less.

Errey's career wasn't over after the 10 productive years he spent in Pittsburgh. However, he had to modify his style a little to find a role on rosters. While helping a young start-up San Jose Sharks franchise perform a first-round upset against a quick, talented Detroit team in 1994, Errey got Detroit's attention. Soon, he would find himself wearing a Wings sweater and in a position to earn a third Stanley Cup.

He landed in Detroit during the lockout season of 1994-95. He helped the Red Wings make a push to the finals - scoring six points in 18 playoff games. Of course, the Wings couldn't push through the New Jersey Devils, and 1995 became Errey's last trip to the finals.

Bob was a another important piece to Detroit's record 62-win season in 1995-96. He notched 32 points in 71 games. Yet, fate was not on the teams side in the playoffs that year.

Errey was let go before the end of the 1996-97 season in order to make room for a couple big names - Brendan Shanahan and Larry Murphy. He missed out on the next two years of glory in Detroit while with San Jose and Dallas. I definitely would have liked to see him celebrate with the club.

Bob Errey is remembered for bringing veteran depth to a relatively inexperienced Detroit roster - an important ingredient to the formula Detroit became known for perfecting. He didn't spend much time with the team, but definitely seemed to have an impact on the young players.

I will always remember Errey from the famous Yzerman goal. He was the first to embrace Stevie while he jumped around uncontrollably in the corner.