Thursday, September 16, 2010

Name That Old Red Wing: Episode 4

Indeed famous for being traded for former Pittsburgh Penguin Tomas Sandstrom, Episode 3's old Red Wing is Greg Johnson. In August 2006, Johnson returned to the Wings. However, his career would be ended by health complications. He retired as a Red Wing in September 2006.

Moving forward. This next old Red Wing had a high impact in a short amount of time with Detroit in the early 1990s. He did not get to enjoy the glory of the ladder half of the decade, but he was instrumental in helping the Wings regain and sustain a competitive edge. His name is often overlooked and sometimes confused.

Moreover, he was the first Red Wing to win a certain very prestigious award from the NHL. Anything more would be giving it away.


  1. Paul "Rocket Man" Ysebaert with the NHL Plus/Minus Award for the 1991-1992 season. He was +44.