Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Osgood Gets 400th Win

Just watch the video:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cleary Breaks Ankle

Daniel Cleary broke his ankle in Sunday's 4-1 victory over Minnesota.

Not cool.

He was having such a great season. Cleary is no question Detroit's MVP up to this point -- besides Pavel Datsyuk -- this season.

So there you go: Cleary, Datsyuk and Modano all out.

Cleary is out indefinitely. Hopefully not forever.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zetterberg Scores 2nd In OT

The Detroit Red Wings came from behind on Wednesday to eventually stave off the Vancouver Canucks 5-4 in overtime at Joe Louis Arena.

Henrik Zetterberg finally scored -- twice. Both of Z's goals were extremely important, and sort of embarrassing for Roberto Luongo.

Zetterberg is leading the team in shots. However, scoring has not been easy to come by for Z this season. It's definitely good to see him notch a couple.

The big story to come out of this game is Pavel Datsyuk's injury that will likely have him out for four weeks.

Datsyuk fell on his wrist, breaking some bone in that area. It was one of those freak injuries. Hopefully it's not too bad and he can come back before the end of January.

The Wings are still looking shaky. The team will need to pull together now that their leading scorer is out. A good emotional OT win should help.

On to the next.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Red Wings Fall To Dallas In OT 4-3

I was at the game on Sunday in Detroit.

The Red Wings came out flying. They were all over the Dallas Stars -- laying to body on anything that moved and getting plenty of scoring chances.

The Wings got a solid 2-0 lead early on but Dallas proved why they are near the top of the Western Conference by tying the game 2-2.

Joe Louis Arena was insane. Chris Osgood had the opportunity to notch his 400th career win, and the crowd knew it. Ozzy chants were bountiful and loud throughout the game. The place would have erupted if the Wings could have held on to their 3-2 lead in the third.

But they didn't.

Brendan Morrow evened it up. The Stars scored on an odd-man rush in overtime to silent the rowdy crowd. Joe Louis was soon one giant hangover. I have rarely seen it so solemn, and so suddenly. One minute the crowd was going nuts over a Justin Abdelkader fight and a potential historic goalie moment, and the next everyone was looking like their dog just died.

Coach Mike Babcock will have to evaluate his lineup soon. The last couple weeks have shown a Red Wings team with an uncertain, inconsistent game plan.

Positives from tonight: Johan Franzen finally scored. Pavel Datsyuk netted a crazy backhander. Henrik Zetterberg proved to have some legs -- somewhat. Justin Abdelkader furthered his tough guy status. Jiri Hudler was scratched after warm-ups.

The biggest problem I see right now is a couple guys who normally lead the offense are shadows of themselves. On defense things are not terrible. A lot of neutral zone turnovers and poor decisions in the offensive zone seem to be plaguing the Wings currently.

Vancouver is Wednesday.

I am currently reading Bob Probert's "Tough Guy" memoir. Very interesting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Wings Destroyed By L.A. 5-0

The Detroit Red Wings were embarrassed on Monday by the Los Angeles Kings at Joe Louis Arena.

I cannot recall such a pitiful effort from the Red Wings on home ice. The goals were awful. Yet, what made it worse was the utter complacency displayed by Detroit's offense.

When the hole was dug, the Red Wings wandered drunkenly at the bottom of it. It was as if this game was never on the schedule and everyone stumbled in from the bar at the last second.

Jonathan Quick looked like a superstar. Detroit has not lost its knack for making goalies look like gods.

"We were doing everything we could there at the end of the third, just playing for him pretty much," said defenseman Jack Johnson in a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Well, so were the Red Wings apparently -- playing for Quick's fantasy statistics apparently, and I should know, I have Quick on my roster.

Wednesday is another home game. This time against the St. Louis Blues. If Jaroslav Halak is net, Wednesday could very well be a repeat of Monday's atrocity.