Thursday, January 20, 2011

Detroit Red Wings, Nabokov? Hmmmmm

All this talk about the Red Wings and Nabokov's agent warming up to each other has me slightly upset.

What the heck?

So yeah, Jimmy Howard and Chris Osgood are both hurt. I thought Howard would be back soon, and I thought Joey MacDonald was their man. Is there something we don't know? Is Howard terminally ill?

Here's how I see it, emotions aside:

Detroit is ready for Osgood to hang it up at the end of the season. Management is obviously not sold on MacDonald, so they are ready to sign a veteran to back up, or compete with, Howard next season.

However, with Howard and Osgood both hurt at a crucial point in this season, management is deciding to quicken the process and jump on a free agent like Nabokov, luring him with thoughts of a deep post-season.

But would Nabokov really be the answer for more than just the remainder of this season?

In my opinion, I would not mind a Howard-MacDonald goalie duo.

But as I have learned in the past, Detroit is not shy about signing veteran goalies for very, very short periods of time -- when the opportunity permits itself. And, clearly, the opportunity is upon them.

Yet, out of a list of veteran goalies that came here to win a cup, only two were successful -- Mike Vernon and Dominic Hasek.

But, maybe that's just what the Wings need.

We'll see, it's too early to tell is this Nabokov stuff is for real, and it's hard to imagine he won't choose to go somewhere else.


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