Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Steve Yzerman!

I'll admit I've been rather reclusive lately.

But when Steve Yzerman speaks up about Mario Lemieux, I must write something.

This past week, Yzerman took a diplomatic stance on Lemieux's (ridiculous) comments about the New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins' donnybrook.

He said Lemieux should be more involved in the NHL and hockey talk in general, stating the man had a lot to offer to the sport.

I took this as: "Where the f**k have you been Mario? Now you want to talk?"

But Yzerman, being the class act he is, would never say that.

Don Cherry, on the other hand, pretty much told Lemieux to go you know what himself on Hockey Night In Canada last week.

I could not agree more with Grapes.

What the hell is wrong with Mario Lemieux?

Cherry made an excellent point in a recent Coach's Corner episode. While I don't necessarily agree with the crazy old man all of the time, he was right about Mario when he said he was a hypocrite. Cherry asked where Lemieux was when Matt Cooke was blazing a cheap-shot trail throughout the league, and why that was OK, but a good old-fashioned donnybrook was not.

I never liked Lemieux that much because I thought he said ridiculous things often. But this put me over the top in distaste for the man many consider one of the greatest players ever.

Forget him.