Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wings Face Those Desert Dogs, Again

I hate that nickname, "desert dogs."

But it's what the team's three fans call them. Hopefully the Phoenix Coyotes -- I still can't understand how this team exists -- will just lose and go away.

I am in no mood to watch 11,000 Coyotes fans cheer this bankrupt organization into the second round of our beloved Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Detroit Red Wings -- yeah, THE Detroit Red Wings -- should fear this team. Once again, as always, Phoenix has nothing to lose, Detroit has everything to lose.

It's a scary scenario. Shane Doan enjoys living in a fantasy world where hockey matters west of Chicago and south of Denver, but he is wrong to think his Coyotes have any reason to win.

I am fearful of the injury-riddled Red Wings -- all Wings fans should be. The first two games of this series will dictate Detroit's short-term future. They MUST win both. This team does not have the health to climb back into a series or go seven games. It won't bode well. We're not talking about spring chickens here. The roster is old-goatish, no way around it.

Cheers to playoff hockey. Cheers to the Wings.

Here we go, again.

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