Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wings Take Game 1; Coyotes Suck On Power Play

The Detroit Red Wings win game one against Phoenix 4-2.

It was a strange game. Phoenix went 0-6 (I think) on the power play. That was really fortunate for Detroit. The Red Wings should have been down 3-0 in the first, if only the Coyotes could put something together on the man advantage.

Pavel Datsyuk took control in the second, as I expected he would. The team rallied behind him and in front of Jimmy Howard, and that was that.

I expect more of the same in game two.

Yesterday, my friend changed his Facebook profile picture to one of Gordie Howe -- a very old-school shot of Gordie on the ice in like the 60s.

It dawned on me -- not for the first time -- that I have very dedicated Red Wings fans for friends, and that made me very happy.

Go Wings.


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