Monday, October 24, 2011

Leafs Look Solid So Far, Canadiens Are Scary Bad

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens seem to have flipped positions this season.

First, the flash of talent and chemistry that the Leafs showed late this past season is showing again early on in this current season.

It's about time. But can it last? And now with their starting goalie down, the Leafs' spurt of solid play seems threatened.

On the Canadiens' side of the world, things look absolutely awful. Injuries and a defense with a whole lot of holes has this team staring at just one win thus far on their record. Moreover, the Habs can't seem to win at home in front of arguably the league's most critical fans.

It's tough to watch. But then again, 24 cups, boo hoo.

Now, to make things a bit interesting, the team is sitting Carey Price and playing Peter Budaj. Of course, I am not surprised by this move at all. The franchise is known for getting uber critical on its goalies.

Price, who I think is a pretty damn good keeper, is getting questioned early on here. But I hope the move to put in Budaj is just a statement for the players, and not one against the goalie.

Saturday's overtime win for the Leafs at the Bell Centre was awesome. That was a great game that showcased two teams with a lot of heart.

I expect both teams to make the playoffs. Montreal will get going soon here, and everyone will forget about the bad start.


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