Monday, October 24, 2011

What Happened In 7-1 Loss To Caps?

The Detroit Red Wings dropped a rough one to the Washington Capitals, 7-1, Saturday night at the capital.

Ty Conklin started in goalie. Many are wondering why Mike Babcock decided to play Jimmy Howard the night before against winless Columbus and sit him in Washington.

Probably not the best decision considering the differences between Washington and the Blue Jackets -- about 6 wins is the most alarming difference.

I question the team's decision to bring Conklin, who played with Detroit a couple years ago, back to the lineup.

He had a decent season with Detroit that year. But what did he do before and what has he done since?

Not much.

Detroit needs to shrug this one off and figure out what they are doing in the crease.

Of course, the loss can't be placed solely on Conklin. The Red Wings, again, struggled on the power play and couldn't get much going on offense.

That was a game that highlighted some problems this Detroit team has: Goaltending depth, lack of opportunistic play and troubles scoring.

Sort it out, Babcock. Sort it out fast. Otherwise, Holland will have to make that promised purchase a bit sooner than expected.


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