Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Wings make history with 21st-straight win at Joe Louis Arena

The players and coaches kept cool until the record was within reach.

Then, as the fans had been doing for days, everyone was grinning with pride as the Red Wings became the first team in NHL history to win 21 consecutive home games.

Sure, the 1975-76 Philadelphia Flyers had to win all of their games in regulation, but that shouldn't take away from Detroit's feat.

In fact, overtime and shootouts only provide extra scenarios for losing. The argument that the three shootout wins and one overtime win that Detroit needed among the 21 wins is not a fair one, nor is it really all that accurate.

But, Wings fans might want to think like Flyers fans for a second, anyway. Doing it all in regulation is impressive and sounds very cool, but it's not worth an argument.

Both teams did amazing things in entirely different eras.

Now, Detroit has a chance to break their own record on Friday night when the Nashville Predators visit the Joe.

With or without All-Star goalie Jimmy Howard, the Red Wings are the best team in the league. And that can't be argued.

Here's to Joey MacDonald and his timely hot streak.

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