Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shea Weber will do what he wants because Red Wings won't stop him

Shea Weber isn't afraid to take an opposing team's star-caliber forward and slam his head into the end boards.

He's not afraid because he knows he's a badass and the worst that will happen to him is a slap-on-the-wrist fine from the NHL.

I'm OK with it. He's a hard-hitting, take-no-shit, old-school defenseman.

What I'm not OK with is the way the Detroit Red Wings let it happen.

They just lost 3-2 in Game 1. They know they are going to be back on the ice in two days to face Weber and the rest of the Nashville Predators. How about flexing some muscle? What happened to sticking up for your teammates?

I'm not talking about jostling a guy's jersey or face-washing someone in a scrum. I'm talking about straight-up kicking ass and enforcing stuff.

Enough is enough: This is hockey. Shoot first, ask questions later. Weber isn't afraid to do it. He wants to win a Stanley Cup, and it shows. Was it a dirty hit on Henrik Zetterberg? You bet it was. And you can bet it will happen again. That's how it goes. Playoff hockey.

Will Weber be looking over his shoulder on Friday night? Possibly. Does he need to? Doesn't seem like it. He wants to own the corners and right now, he's owning them.
I'm not impressed with Detroit's lack of ferocity, to say the least.

If you disagree with me, go watch something else and cry.


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